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Casio Watch Glossary
Capacity of actual features will vary by model

12/24 Hr format
All Casio digital watches have this feature, which allows the user the ability to switch display to military time format

Takes measurements of height (altitude) every 2 minutes, shows a graph.

Uses a sensor similar to barometric functions.  As it uses pressure to take readings, they may be inaccurate due to changing air pressure.

Animated Display
Appears when you activate the backlight in Timekeeping mode.  Several graphic combinations.

Atomic Clock
Currently the most accurate time keeping devices on earth.  These are accurate to 1 second in 1,400,000 years.  This information is broadcast throughout the day from a radio transmitter in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Our Waveceptor line of watches receives this signal daily, and calibrates the time.

Auto Calendar
Makes allowances for months of different lengths, and leap years.  Some are pre-programmed until 2039

Auto Switch Backlight
When turned on, the backlight illuminates when you turn your wrist toward your face.

Measures air pressure every 2 hours to show trends.  This graphs the last several hours of information to predict weather.  A rising graph generally means good weather; barometer falling generally means bad weather

Pressure sensor measures atmospheric pressure utilizing the resistance change (piezo effect), which occurs from the distortion of four diffusion resistors which are set on silicon substrate. Receiving pressure from outside, the silicon substrate hollows out due to its suppleness and vacuum structure. At that moment, with movement of the substrate, diffusion resistance expands and the resistance changes. Since this diffusion resistance is in an electrical circuit, voltage difference occurs due to the resistance.  This voltage difference is changed into digital signal by an A/D converter, and a microprocessor calculates atmospheric pressure.  

Countdown Timer
Countdown from a preset time, the watch will beep at 00'00"

Daily Alarm
Sounds each day at preset time

Since the earth is not perfectly round, datums make it easier for GPS to find where we are.  Basically it tells about where you are, so that the watch has a better idea of the satellites to look for

Day Counter
Counts down days to a target date

Digital Compass
Indicate one of any 16 directions.

Directional sensor is magnetic. In this sensor are two orthogonal coils with a MR-device (magnetic resistance device) placed between them. This detects the Earth's magnetic field (the line of the magnetic force traveling from north to south in the earth) and determines direction. The MR-device is a magnetic resistance device with a property that changes its resistance value according to magnetism. Any angle to the Earth's magnetism causes it to sense differently. The direction sensor makes use of this characteristic.

The Earth's magnetic field is small and complex in direction; therefore, the two orthogonal coils are divided into two components intersecting at right angles, making it easier to be detected. The MR device then senses both components. A microprocessor calculates direction from the voltage signals, which occur with the change in resistance.

Dual Time
Another time keeping mode, to keep the time in another time zone

Duplex LCD
Multiple LCD layers allow the user to select different display patterns.  Each layer operates independently, and is a different color.  When a portion of each is activated at the same time, a 3rd color is created.  This allows for customization of the watch display.

Fishing Time
Fishermen have used the phases of the moon to predict the best time for fishing.  These watches show moon age; time to fish, and sunrise/sunset based on set Latitude and Longitude.

Hourly Time Signal

When turned on, watch beeps every hour on the hour.

Pre-programmed Latitude and Longitude for 100 mountains around the world.  There is space for 100 more user-defined points.

Angular (measured in ) distance North or South of the Equator

Angular (measured in ) distance East or West of the Prime Meridian (runs through Greenwich England)

*Used together, Latitude and Longitude can pinpoint where you are on the earth

Lap Memory
Allow you to store lap/split times into memory.  With a watch with 10 lap memories, 10 are stored.  If more than 10, the first 9 and last are stored.                                                   

Lunar Tidal Interval
Difference between moon up, and the high tide immediately following moon up.  Under ideal circumstances, the high tide and moon up time would be the same.   Friction and the ocean floor cause the ocean to move at a different rate in different areas.  Adjusting for this difference will give you a more accurate tide reading. 

Magnetic resistant
Designed to resist the time warping effects of magnetic forces.

Matching Backlight
Purple watch has purple backlight; a pink watch has pink backlight.  Currently on the BG153B, BG154, BG158, BG162L, BG159, BG160B, BG151V

Moon Graph
Displays phases of the moon, along with moon up and moon down time.  Moon up is when it reaches the highest point in the sky relative to your current location; moon down is the lowest, usually on the other side of the Earth.  

Measures steps taken.

Built-in electrically conducting sphere and pin shaped electrodes convert the number of electrical contacts into the number of steps. The conducting metal sphere of only 1.2 millimeters diameter is normally pulled to upper part of the sensor by a magnet. As your foot is placed down, contact of the two electrodes at lower part of the sensor with the power is made towards you. When the conducting sphere makes contact with the two electrodes, which are placed apart, an electric current flows through the conducting sphere.  As your foot is lifted off ground, the conducting sphere moves to the upper position. With this repetition, the number of contacts is calculated by a micro-processor and converted into the number of steps taken

"Pages" of information that allow generally allows you to store 11 characters and month, date, hour and minute

Target Timer
Set a time increment, such as 5 minutes.  The timer will count up to 5 minutes, and beep.

"Pages" of information that generally allows 8 characters, and 12 numbers

Temperature readings

Basic construction of the temperature sensor is a thermistor, which measures only 2 to 2.2 millimeters long and 1.2 to 1.6 millimeters wide. This is a semiconductor made from fine ceramic. Thermistor is specially made to react very slightly to temperature. The temperature sensor of Thermo-sensor of PROTREK converts voltage into a frequency with a frequency conversion circuit (CR oscillator circuit). Voltage is specified by the value of resistance at the present temperature. A microprocessor receives the frequency signal to calculate and measure temperature.  The watch should be removed from the wrist for approximately 15-20 minutes in order to acquire an accurate reading.

The Thermo Scanner is a remote thermometer employing an infrared ray sensor.
When you aim the sensor at an object whose temperature you want to measure and press the button, it receives the infrared rays reflected from the object, digitizes the information and processes the resulting digital data to measure the object's temperature.

*The higher an object's temperature, the higher the intensity of the infrared rays reflected off its surface.

Tide Graph
This shows high and low tides for your area.  Calculated using the current time, GMT setting, Latitude and Longitude, and the Lunar Tidal Interval

GPS measurements are recorded into memory.  These can be displayed on the map screen to show progress toward the waypoints

Landmarks that are plotted into memory in order to plan a route you wish to follow.  The watch can accept up to 9 waypoints.

Displays the current time in major cities and areas around the world.

Yacht Timer (Countdown Alarm with Progress Beeper)
Count down from a preset time, the watch will beep at: 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute marks and the 40, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 second marks.  10 second beep at 0.  Auto-repeat can be turned on to restart countdown automatically. 


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